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A hack to the orinoco driver in order to make it work with a Nortel Networks emobility PCI-Card.

My work is based on the hack provided by Tobias Hoffmann
and the orinoco-driver maintained by David Gibson.
The Orinoco Driver Page is


I reconfigured my home net, and have the Adapter back in my 'offhand' PC
plus some spare time to cope around a bit:

installed the latest Windows Driver V3.9.2-67, Nov 04
- modify the %SLA4113.DeviceDesc% keys in the file 'NetWlan5.inf' to PCI\VEN_126C&DEV_8030
- call the Hardwareassistant from Device Manager and point him to this file instead of using the dumbish setup.exe
The Driver worked quite well, the cards firmware was updated to V2.91-57 (at least the Utility says so)

I booted back to Linux (Kernel 2.6.15, orinoco-0.15rc4) and was not able to get any link in ad-hoc Mode,
although the card looked ok (dmesg, ifconfig, iwconfig) and had worked the day before with Firmware V2.70-20 :(

Even stranger, orinoco reports
eth1: Firmware determined as Symbol V2.90-58
Reverted the Windows Driver to the older Mobile Companion version
and the behaviour was the same as under linux: Ad-Hoc Mode is broken, the card itself
is fine though, scanning for APs works, Firmware is reported as V2.90-58

It looks to me like Firmware V2.91-57 is located in RAM rather than in the cards ROM?
and there are Issues with Ad-Hoc-Mode in Firmware V2.90-58 (at least with my setup).
The Symbol site says integrated Firmware was V2.92-58

05/26/2004 This Website is obsolete now ;-)

orinoco-0.15rc1 includes a working module called 'orinoco_nortel'
Go get it:

I am running this on a 2.6.5 i686-smp kernel with Firmware V2.70-20
There is a newer Firmware version available on the Symbol Site,
but i had no time to deal with it yet.
Older Symbol Firmwares may still be available here.

02/18/2004 The driver is in Orinoco CVS!

Thanks to Pavel Roskin there are no more modifications needed to the hermes part of the driver.

See for instructions how to access Orinoco CVS.
Note: the module was renamed to orinoco_nortel.
So make shure to remove the nortel_pci module and to update your modules.conf, aliases, etc.

Release Date 08/21/2003

should fix the following problem:
kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
kernel: eth1: Tx timeout! ALLOCFID=e5d5, TXCOMPLFID=6bbb, EVSTAT=0000
kernel: orinoco_lock() called with hw_unavailable (dev=df098400)

Release Date 05/06/2003

I am running this with Firmware V2.70-20
included in the 'Mobile Companion Client Software Bundle'
found on the Symbol Site, intended for the 'LA 4123 PCI Adapter'.

-- You may need a (somewhat) running Windoze Installation to perfom the update.
++ dramatically improved 'ad-hoc' operation.

Release Date 02/18/2003

This one is known to work with Firmware V2.20-02
I had this one running fine for about 2 months.

Further Info and Resources:
orinoco Mailing Lists
Wireless LAN resources for Linux

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