Linux on Thinkpad 701

Well, this is odd... but here are some goodies:

mpg123 TP701 Edition

mpg123 is a player for a couple of mpeg-audio formats, including mp3
written by Michael Hipp and others:

My 701 features an Intel 486DX4 Processor, running at furious 75Mhz (25x3).

This will suffice to play a 128kbit/s File with any mpg123 @44.1KHz, 16 bit in *mono*
(using -m flag).

Still wanting *stereo* i figured out the following:

In 1998 Fabrice Bellard added i486 optimizations to mpg123 version 0.59o
This version is still available here:
it plays 128kbit/s Files @22.05KHz,16 bit in *stereo* (using -2 flag)

All versions of the main tree since 0.59p include *some* of this code
(if compiled with 'make linux-i486')
However, the only i486 optimized mode included is 44.1KHz, 16 Bit Stereo.
So none of them will provide any optimizations for the 701.

That's why i merged back 22.05KHz, 16 bit Stereo:

Patchfile: mpg123_0.59r-cj.diff

Sourcetree: mpg123_0.59r-cj.tar.gz

Note: The Sourcetree includes Debian Patchlevel 15
Please Read the License in the included README.

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Last changed on 09/22/2004